The 27th Annual NB Spirits Festival
How much do tickets to the NB Spirits Festival cost?
See the schedule page for the list of events and ticket prices.
Will food be available?
Eat a good dinner before arriving! There will be a variety of nibbles available, but not a meal. There is also bread placed around the room to help cleanse your palette, and we encourage you to eat from time to time.
What do I get for the price of admission ticket?
You will received a special nosing glass, full access to the spirits in the Showcase, and a taxi ride home within Fredericton city limits.
What time does the Festival Showcase start?
Entrance to the ballroom starts at 6:45 pm. You have to check in at the door to get your nosing glass before you can enter the Ballroom.
What time is Festival Showcase over?
Last pour is at 9:45, and the event ends promptly at 10:00pm
Does a VIP ticket give me early access to the on-site ANBL store?
No. The festival does not operate the ANBL on-site store and cannot offer early access. The store follows provincial rules for public access. Access to the ANBL outlet is open to all over the age of 19.
Will a festival program be available?
Due to last minute product availability changes, we can no longer meet the lead times required for a printed program. However, as we approach the festival dates, we will update our Program page with product and table information. You can access this page on your mobile device during the show or print a copy from home. We recommend waiting until the last minute to print a copy, as the contents change daily in the run-up to the festival.
What should I wear?
The NB Spirits Festival is a prestigious event and our patrons dress accordingly. For reasons of safety and security, costumes, masks and similar attire are prohibited.
Is there a coat and bottle check?
The coat check will be staffed by the Devon Middle School Home and School Committee as a fundraiser to support their school breakfast program. You will be able to check your coat as well as your purchases from the ANBL on-site store. A cash donation is greatly appreciated for their service.
How do I get there?
The Delta Mariott Fredericton is at 225 Woodstock Road in Fredericton. Please take a cab or get someone to drive you if possible.
How do I get home?
We offer a free taxi ride home within Fredericton City limits. The Festival has zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and Fredericton Police will be well informed about the event. If you don't want to take a taxi, have someone meet you, or better yet stay at the Delta for the night!
Is parking available?
The hotel is sold out on the night of the showcase, so there will be a heavier-than-usual amount of traffic trying to get to the hotel between 5:00pm and 7:30pm. We recommend coming to the venue from Hanwell Road direction and being dropped off in front of the hotel. Cab it home with your free ride.
Do I need to bring a glass with me?
No, a nosing glass will be provided to you at registration.
What if I lose my nosing glass?
If you lose your nosing glass, we'll have wine glasses available in the tasting ballroom. Sorry, we can't replace a lost or broken nosing glass.
There's a product that I want to be sure to try. How can I find out which booth is pouring it?
There will be a complete list of what's being poured on the festival web site.
Is there parking at the hotel?
The hotel does have parking available, but we encourage the use of public transportation, carpooling, getting dropped off or taking a taxi so that no one ever tries to drive themselves home after the event.
Can I stay at the hotel where the Festival is being held?
Yes, the Delta Mariott Fredericton is happy to have you stay. Click here to book a room at the Festival Group Rate, or call 506-457-7000 to make your reservation.
There's a Special Tasting I want to attend. Do I need to get a separate ticket for that?
Special Tastings are separate from the Festival Showcase. Seating is limited for these very popular tastings, so book early and don't be disappointed
Do I need to use vouchers to get tastes of the whiskies I want to try?
No, once you're in the Ballroom you are free to taste any of the products. However, excessive drinking and intoxication won't be tolerated, and you'll be asked to leave. By a few polite but very persuasive guys. Who are large.
I bought a ticket but can't make it to the event. Can I get my money back?
Unfortunately, tickets are not refundable. But the event will likely sell out again – make yourself popular and ask a friend to take it off your hands!
When the event is sold out, can I still buy tickets?
Once the tickets are gone, they're really gone. Sorry.
Can I get a ticket at the door?
If the event is not sold out there may be tickets at the door, but there's no guarantee and the last 5 years have sold out completely before the day of the Showcase.
If I promise not to drink, can I come to the event if I'm under 19 years of age?
No one under the age of 19 is permitted inside of the event. There will be no exceptions, and we will be carding ticket holders as they come into the event.
Is there a coat check available?
There is a coat check available at the event.
May I bring my briefcase with me?
Backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, or any other such items, are not permitted inside of the Festival Showcase. You will be asked to leave them at the coat check.
Will there be coffee or soft drinks available?
Water will be provided throughout the evening, and the Delta bar and restaurant is open for anyone who wishes to purchase a meal or beverage.
Do I need a NB Spirits Festival Ticket to attend any of the Special Tasting Classes?
No. You do not need a Festival ticket to attend any of the Special Tasting Classes on Thursday or Friday evenings, with the exception of the Ultimate Master Class.
Do I need to purchase an NB Spirit Festival ticket in order to shop at the on-site ANBL store?
No. You are welcome to shop at the on-site ANBL store during its hours of operation. Please refer to the Events page for details.
When I leave, can I give my pass to someone else to go in?
Nope. There are only so many drinks to go round, and you'll have a nice wrist band that is not transferable.